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To enter the challenge, no payment or purchase is required. Winning chances will never be increased by any purchase or payment.

Users can Win daily random draws and also their earned points as cashout points as they like. Daily Draw 9 Winners are chosen everyday at 9pm EST at random and are notified via email. All the challengers taking part in this challenge are bound to follow all these official rules and gives us permission to use their personal information to manage the whole contest.

There is no sponsorship in this Challenge from GOOGLE or APPLE. The Challenge (AS Characterized Underneath) IS Exclusively Capable FOR Giving THE PRIZE On the off chance that WON BY AN Qualified Participant. THE PRIZES WON have no relation with any of the Google or Apple items or product.

Cash4Gamez is solely responsible for arranging the whole Challenge and sending out prize money to qualifies participants. Google or Apple does not support this Challenge in any way.

Qualification: Subject to the exclusion underneath, The Cash4Gamez Challenge applies to all legitimate residents of Canada (excluding Quebec), USA and all other nations, countires with application downloaded from Google Play Store with the legal age of 14 at the time of entering the challenge.

Participants who are not eligible to participate in this contest are

a) All employees of Cash4Gamez serving on any level i.e., employee, director, executive, representator, or any related agent working within parent company, its subbranches, any affiliated company working with Cash4Gamez for marketing, or any other company like suppliers or distributor of any inventory. b) People belongs to the employee through blood, marriage, common law, civil or union adoption including (parent, child, siblings, spouse, grand parent, grandchild, cousin, uncle, aunt) regardless of where they live or people in employee’s household (related or not).

Challenge Period: Winners are announced daily of random draw at random times and are contact directly through their PayPal email address provided within the game. Regular CashOuts are done once a week and processed within 5-7 business days.

To Participate: All qualified participants can participate into this challenge by:

a) Downloading and installation of Cash4Gamez form Google Play store. b) Register in the app by entering your email address and to complete all registration you must accept all 1) Challenge Rules, 2) Regulations and agree to 3) Privacy Policy 4) Terms and Conditions. c) By playing the Cash4Gamez you will collect points. Points can also be collected by watching rewarded videos ads. Points can be converted into Tickets from Tickets Board. Tickets board gives you multiple options to submit your points into Draw. Points have no cash value and can not be used to withdraw any money. d) Apps include are Timber Money, Crocky Fly-Make Money Free, Fruits Slice-Make money Free, Jewls Attack-Make Money Free.

To Win: To win prize money all Points or number of points (Tickets Board gives you the option to the select the number of points participants wants to convert into a tickets). Tickets can be submitted into the Draw from Cash Board, (Cash Board also gives options to participants to select the number of points to enter the draw).

Winnings Details: Minimum Cash amount is $10 and will be given to only eligible and legitimate participants. Points earned through wrong game playing, bot traffic or hack will not be considered, and participant will get permanent ban from Cash4Gamez.

Notification to Eligible Participants:Participants who have earned points by playing Cash4Gamez legitimately (earning points through wrong play, hack, bot traffic will not be considered at all) will get paid through online transaction (PayPal).

Suspension/Modification/Termination Rights: Cash4Gamez reserve a complete right to Suspend, modify or terminate the apps at any time, for any reason the apps cannot the operational anymore including without paying any cash-out to individual participants, infected by virus, bugs or any malicious activity. Also, Cash4Gamez reserve a completely right to suspend, terminate subscription of any user/participant if found doing any fraudulent way to earn points, tampering, unauthorized changed to anything in the app. Terminated participants will not be given any prize or winnings.

Liabilities, Responsibilities: Cash4Gamez is not responsible for: a) Inability or ability to download or upload any information b) Any interruptions, technical problems or technical issue occurring because of the connection problems. c) Cash4Gamez is not responsible for any hardware or software failure, faulty computers, cable, line, satellite network, errors because of the internet limitation or lost connections. d) Failure of any server, host, providers, data transmission (sent or received). e) Inability to submit points or conversion of points into Tickets because of any delayed, lost, late or intercepted transmission. f) Unauthorized human or non-human intervention in the operations of our service, including unauthorized tempering, hack, theft, bugs, virus, worms. g) Losing, miscounting, or inaccessibility or unavailability of email account used. h) All participants agree to resolve all claims, disputes shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action. i) All participants agree not to claim

Privacy and Publicity Release: Cash4Gamez and all its authorized agents will collect, use and disclose the personal information upon registration. As a contestant of Cash4Gamez you authorize us to use your selfie on our daily Winner board which can be removed at anytime if requested by contestant. We Cash4gamez does not share your personal information with any third party companies.

General Conditions: Cash4Gamez is not responsible for any other cost associated with using or claiming the prize. The participants are solely responsible for all the taxes. The Cash4Gamez reserve complete right to Cancel or modify anything in the app without any notice.

Questions regarding the creation, validity, interpretation and enforceability of these rules, participants rights and obligations, or the rights and obligations of the Cash4Gamez in connection with the challenge, shall be governed by, and constructed in accordance with, the laws of province of Ontario. Without giving any effect to any choice of law or conflict of law rules.

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